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V/A  C And M Productions

V/A C And M Productions

C&M Productions is a house-music DJ/Production team based in Zurich, Switzerland. C&M is derived from the initials of Christian Kistler and Marc Zehnder. Having shaken the Underground music scene to its foundations, C&M Productions is now on the brink of taking True House Music even further out, not just to the four corners of the world, but beyond. In 1990, Marc met C -- an inspired 21-year-old Christian Kistler

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V/A  C And M Productions - Music For Nations

Music For Nations

Kiadó: Musicforever
Megjelenés éve: 2000
Album ár: 2050 Ft
Danny Barnes
Richard Downing
Marck Zehnder - Kristian Kristller
1. Brief as Possible 205 Ft
2. House is You 205 Ft
3. Sambalistic 205 Ft
4. House is You 205 Ft
5. Whats Up 205 Ft
6. Asking the Questions 205 Ft
7. Lesson Two 205 Ft
8. Plan for Fun 205 Ft
9. Sunshine 205 Ft
10. Vissal 394 Ft
11. Vissal 205 Ft